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Investors Private Equity structures investments in companies including:

  • Pre Initial Public Offering (IPO) in well-known companies such as Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, and The Honest Company, with the expectation that the company will go public at a higher valuation in 36 months. Typically new issue stock in what are referred to as hot IPOs are difficult to obtain in quantity, resulting in more demand than supply which results in further value appreciation.
  • Acquisition in whole companies or joint acquisition in whole companies with a strategy to add value. Investors Private Equity prohibits charging additional “monitoring” or “portfolio company fees” which results in the acquired company cutting into the acquiring company’s profitability and thus reducing portfolio value. Investors Private Equity believes that the practice of charging monetary portfolio company fees also makes the actual fees paid to a private equity firm by an investor nearly impossible to calculate, reducing transparency.
  • Buying large enough positions in public companies whose shares trade at significant discounts to underlying assets, to agitate for liquidation, buy out, or share repurchase to increase shareholder value.
  • Buying real estate and contributing the real estate to a public real estate investment trust for stock or preferred stock at a share value higher than the real estate acquisition in a win-win transaction.